Large National Developer Endorsement

Countrywide’s propositions are always compelling and bespoke - suiting the needs of the scheme in question and considerable thought is always placed in delivering an outcome in line with the briefing document and the intricacies of the scheme in question. I believe Countrywide always view each site independently as each site is different on all levels.

Having successfully negotiated the disposal of several residential housing sites across England, South West & Scotland covering multiple tenures, from Private Housing through to shared ownership (NSSE in Scotland) and over 55’s housing we have now entrusted them with some of our highest-profile sites and we currently have nine active sites managing over 264 units that we are working with them on. All of which have been formally tendered for.

Countrywide manage and staff our show homes – and in doing so they employ on-site sales staff and account managers. Their choice in recruitment has always been appropriate and we are always included in any recruitment associated with our business. They manage their people well and the focus on results and customer service drives strong performance.

Paramount to the success of all of our schemes they are engaged on with us is their ability to plan, articulate and execute a robust marketing strategy identifying actions on a daily, weekly, month and quarterly basis. They have a breadth of experience through the ranks of management and the appropriate members of the team appear to touch the relevant project at the right time. Their emphasis is on delivering a seamless customer journey whilst endeavouring to help us turn our capital at a rate that exceeds our expectations (selling off-plan and in line with build). It is rarely the case we are left with stock plots.

The scale of the countrywide business and the knowledge that exists within it means that we get quality advice on valuation, mix type and required specification on our schemes, and furthermore, the associated services they provide such as Mortgage Bureau, central sales progression and there conveyancing proposition demonstrate they totally understand the requirements of housebuilders, completing transactions in timeframes that are within our expectations.

The emphasis on honesty integrity and transparency is demonstrated daily and as such the relationships held between their sales managers and my team is strong in addition to that of the relationship I hold with their senior management team. Challenges are always discussed and appropriate plans laid to proactively tackle issues that we know exist on complex sites. They hold true to their own core values and embrace ours.

I would be happy to recommend Countrywide Residential Development Solutions as a partner for the delivery of new home sales.

Isabella Ferguson –National Head of Sales

Sanctuary Housing