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  • Valued Customer 19-Jan-2018
    Customer Experience

    My service feedback with Sales

    You recommended countrywide conveyancing and after making great play to start with regarding a concern about a Life time Equity arrangement on No 15 and the need to have it transferred to the new property it was very late in the process that we were forced to re-emberse the loan to the building society.......the reason being that Countrywide had no involvement at all with Equity issues. Your recommendation was clearly a poor one. I should have used my own solicitor. As a result we lost a substantial amount of money ie the difference between the sale of our property and purchase price of the new property because of the re-imbersement need. Little wonder that I am not over the moon with the whole issue Yours Terry Silvers

    Customer Relations Team 20-Jan-2018

    I am sorry to read that this has been your experience and I would like to thank you for taking the time to leaving us your feedback. Feedback is very important to us and as such I will forwards yours onwards to the Retail Performance Director for the local branch to look into and address locally with the team. With this in mind, I would be grateful if you could please leave us further feedback and detail of your experience at Kind regards, Scott.<br />

  • 12-Jan-2018
    Customer Experience

    Poor service considering we provided sales lead.

    Had to be chased for sales progression. Took 6 days for property to be marketed once photos has been taken

    Customer Relations Team 12-Jan-2018

    Thank you for taking the time to leave us your feedback. We do always aim to provide the very best in customer experience and I am sorry if on this occasion our branch team did not meet this goal. We do always aim to understand further our customers experiences and as such I will share with the local Retail Performance Director your feedback to help improve our customer service going forwards. I would also like to invite you to e-mail us further details of your experience to Kind regards, Scott.<br />

  • 28-Nov-2017
    Customer Experience

    Stress free property sale

    We had a stress free time selling our property Blundells were very thorough helpful and on the ball. We used the solicitor recommended by Blundells which speeded up the sale. Very pleased with the whole experience. Thank you

    Customer Relations Team 29-Nov-2017

    It is great to see that your have reviewed Blundells in Chesterfield 5 stars! It is wonderful to read that your experience with Blundells in Chesterfield was stress free and that the team were helpful throughout, using their experience and knowledge to help delight you and achieve a successful sale. Best wishes, Scott.<br />

  • Valued Customer 03-Nov-2017
    Customer Experience

    Would use again

    Very helpful kept up to date throughout the whole process

    Customer Relations Team 03-Nov-2017

    It is great to see that the Chesterfield team of Blundells Estate Agents team were once again able to provide their proven 5* service. Thank you and best wishes, Sarah.<br />

  • 28-Oct-2017
    Customer Experience

    We used them 20 years ago would not use them again

    ANSWER the phones and listen when told what number to phone. Kept having to chase up what was happening .

    Customer Relations Team 28-Oct-2017

    Thank you for taking the like to make us aware of your feedback, I am sorry that you have not been overly happy with your experience. This feedback will be passed onwards the Retail Performance Director for them to look into with the local branch. However, so that we can gain a greater understanding for your dissatisfaction, with the aim to improve our service going forwards, please can you e-mail us at with further details. Kind regards, Scott<br />

  • Valued Customer, Chesterfield 20-Oct-2017
    Customer Experience

    Helpful and available

    Friendly efficient and available

    Customer Relations Team 25-Oct-2017

    Thank you for your wonderful 5* review of Blundells in Chesterfield. I am glad you found the team very friendly and efficient. Kind regards, Scott.<br />

  • Valued Customer 20-Sep-2017
    Customer Experience

    poor service/ over priced too

    I found the service poor I had to do all the chasing , phone calls catch ups with buyer etc I wouldn't use this company again it wasn't clear about payment either wasn't put over clear at the onset we paid up front and still had to pay 2400 at the end I will not be using you on my next house of which will shortly be put up for sale we lost 2 buyers through your neglect , I personally kept in touch and sorted everything with the 3rd buyer not to lose another sale

    Customer Relations Team 20-Sep-2017

    Thank you for taking the time to leave this feedback, we take all comments seriously and this has been passed on to the Retail Performance Director to discuss with the branch to see how they can improve for the future. If you would like to go through this in more detail at all, please do email me at\nKind Regards,\nSarah<br />

  • James, Chesterfield 31-Aug-2017
    Customer Experience

    Shocking service by a growing company that has forgotten the local approach

    I hoped for their sake that a feedback questionnaire was not sent but thank you for the opportunity to explain how truly awful the company and the experience has been. To say that Blundells took the most of all parties "assisting" with my sale they were the most shocking and I will never use them again. An opinion supported by other competitors and myself was that the house was over valued initially so that they could get the sale on their books to then try and tell me to reduce my price to something in the region of all the other valuer's valuations that came around. Because the valuation was at least £5,000 more than others I thought I was mad not to. Apart from hopefully obtaining more money I also appreciated the handling of when I purchased the property, however it seems that with the merging to Countrywide I became a number rather than a person that they wanted to do well for. The update conversations always went along the lines of I have had no interest, don't know what's happened, have you thought of reducing the price. The price we got was shear luck and we had resigned ourselves to it not selling so we were saving a larger deposit to take the sale away from Blundells and give it to someone more competent. We initially used their Mortgage Advisor and although she advised she was able to look at the whole of the market this was clearly untrue as we got a far better mortgage product from paying someone else to look at the matter. The person looking after our sale changed three times which lacked consistency in approach. People that were clearly unsuitable were sent to have a look at the property wasting my time and effort. I had three elderly woman sat in my bedroom hyperventilating because the steps were too steep, a man who said that Blundells had said we would accept £15,000 less than the price, and another man who said that Blundells has advised them that there was outline planning permission. This was clearly done as viewings were low and they wanted to be seen to be helping. There was a period of time that information was being sent to Blundells recommended solicitor rather than the one that I had notified them of. If I had gone with Taylor & Emmett, they too would have bled me dry with their charges. The customer Service only kicked in when the sale was going ahead so that it could be shown that they were trying to progress the matter. By this stage I was in full control and was pushing the sale myself. The timescale advised by the Blundell valuer was six months and out for Christmas. I have been in my house 3 weeks so clearly Christmas was missed. I would congratulate them on truly shafting another seller as the service was truly ridiculous.

    Customer Relations Team 31-Aug-2017

    Thank you James for taking the time to write this feedback. I am sorry to read that you found the service you received lacking compared to expectations and that the process of achieving and completing a sale was not done in the initial timescale outlined. We do take all feedback like this seriously and would like to reassure you that your concerns has been forwarded to the Retail Performance Director for this branch. I would like to invite you to send us further comments to \nKind regards and best wishes in your new home, Scott.<br />

  • Valued Customer 23-Aug-2017
    Customer Experience

    My service feedback with Sales


    Customer Relations Team 23-Aug-2017

    Hello, It is great to see that the Chesterfield, Blundells team were once again able to provide their proven 5* service. Thank you,\nSarah<br />

  • David Millington, chesterfield 15-May-2017
    Customer Experience

    My service feedback with Sales

    most things went well other than the solicitor recommended by blundells. we have also had delays getting the final invoice.

    Customer Relations Team 17-May-2017

    Thanks David for the four star review! I'm sorry to hear there was a delay in sending the final invoice. If you would like to discuss your experience in greater detail please email Many thanks.<br />