Buyer demand is high, so why has my home not sold?

Buyer demand is high, so why has my home not sold?

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The property market is booming. But what can you do if you’re still having trouble selling?

So, your property has been on the market for a little while now...and you’ve still not sold. Or maybe you’ve only received offers far below the property’s market value? Each day, you’re getting more frustrated, waiting for the right buyer to come along...

There are some sellers who find themselves struggling to gain exposure for their property, attract viewings, and good offers.

If the news of a property market boom doesn’t ring true to you and your property, here are some things to consider…

Is your property priced correctly?

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One of the most common reasons homeowners struggle to sell their property is they have set the asking price too high. This can make it difficult to secure viewings, let alone offers. The key to a swift and successful sale is the right asking price. If you’re currently on the market, it may be worth getting an up-to-date valuation to ensure your property is priced right. 

Do you have professional photography showcasing the best parts of your home?

Great photographs are the gateway to seller success so hiring a professional photographer could be worth every penny. Photographers not only have access to professional equipment, but they also know what is attractive to buyers. They’ll be able to highlight the best features and put them front and centre. Plus, they’re trained in framing and capturing light, showcasing your property to its very best. We actually offer professional photography to all of our sellers. Take a peek and see what a difference it can make to your home.

Can you improve the presentation of your property?

It may sound harsh, but from the moment you put your house on the market, you have to stop thinking of it as your home and simply think of it as a property. It is now an asset for which you want to achieve the best price. You need to depersonalise it in your mind and you need to depersonalise your property - particularly if potential buyers are coming to view.

Ask yourself, when do you want to sell?

Now is a good time to sell. According to the latest research from Zoopla, the average asking price of a home in the UK has risen to  £230,700. This monumental increase has been in part driven by the lack of homes being put up for sale in the month of June - around 25% less than in the first six months of 2021. 

This research was echoed in a similar study by NAEA Propertymark “40% of UK properties sold in June went for more than the original asking price, as fewer buyers fought for limited available stock”.  This is the highest percentage of properties sold over the asking price on record - fantastic news for those of you who are selling a home. So, don't lose hope. Some simple changes could see you finalising a sale before you know it.

What else can you do?

It's worth pointing out that if you're reading this article, you're wanting help with your sale so be sure to speak regularly with your agent and discuss ideas of how to get more traction in the market. 

Our team of local property experts are specialists in taking properties that have been on the market for a while and turning things around. As part of one of the UK’s largest property networks, we have thousands of buyers registering with us each week, looking for a home just like yours. 

Final thought...

It's not too late. Don't lose faith. With the right adjustments to your home’s price, listing, or condition and if you ensure you're using your agent properly, it will sell. There’s a buyer for every home.

It all starts with the right asking price.

Go on. Get an up-to-date valuation and see how much you could sell for.

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