Protect your home this winter

Protect your home this winter

February 2021

As the end of Winter approaches, the cold, frosty mornings, harsh winds, rain, sleet, snow, you name it, certainly takes its toll on your property.

But it’s not just frozen pipes that can cause mayhem during the short days and cold nights. Take a look at these preventative steps to make sure your home is fighting fit, so you can enjoy the evening from under the comfort of your blanket.

Frozen pipes

Frozen pipes are one of the main causes of claims during the winter months. Keeping the heating ticking over reduces the risk of frozen pipes and the damage that these can cause. In general, maintaining a minimum of 13 degrees Celsius will prevent pipes from freezing, however given how cold it is we’re sure you will want this higher. Putting lagging around the outside pipes will help insulate them to minimise the risk of freezing.

Gutters & drainpipes

Clear them regularly to try and reduce the risk of water ingress and pipes collapsing with the water or icy conditions.

Fences and gates

Secure any fences and gates that might have blown over. A lot of insurance providers don’t cover for fences and gates due to storms so it’s worth checking your policy. Looking after them well and checking them every so often will help keep them in place for years to come.

Boiler servicing

Keep up with the maintenance schedule of your boiler. It’s easy to ignore it whilst it’s working, but having it serviced by a suitably qualified person will help keep it in good condition and reduce the chance of it breaking down in these critical winter months.

Taking a few simple steps now could save you a lot of upheaval at a later date so help your future self out now. You’ll thank us in the long run.

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